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Bikes made simple

With so many bikes out there, it's difficult to know where to start when you're looking for a new one.

To make things as quick and easy as possible, our unique choosing tool allows you to search for the right bike from over 95 manufacturers. You can then refine the results based on the features that matter to you, like price, brand, bike type, number of gears and suspension. This creates a list of bikes that suit your needs, and because we list the specs of every bike in the same way, you can compare them all easily too.

Using our choosing tool saves you trawling through lots of different websites and lets you discover new bikes and manufacturers. The Bike List includes all bike types, so whether you are a complete novice, commuter, downhiller or roadie, there really is no faster way to check out all the latest bikes.

The Bike List also reviews the latest bikes, gear and accessories. We pride ourselves on the depth of these reviews and our comprehensive photographs. The Bike List's reviews are reliable, jargon-free and entertaining to read too. The reviews team also keep you updated with cycling event reports and gear news.

We don't sell bikes ourselves - we show you a selection of great places to buy your bike once you've narrowed down your choice, be it from your local dealer or an online store:

The Bike List helps you to

1. Make the right choice with our bike choosing tool, value star ratings and latest bike and gear reviews

2. Find a retailer to buy your perfect bike and gear from

3. Keep updated with the latest news and find out about coming cycle events

Company history

2009 - Site launched

2010 - Finalist in two BikeBiz award categories - 'Rising Star' & 'Consumer Site'.


2011 - Finalist in Bikebiz award category for 'Consumer Site'.

2016 - Our revolutionary new bike data gathering tool was built.

2017 - Partnership formed with Quibble Content to reform and create a new vision for The Bike List.

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