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OPEN bikes to move production to Germany

Although pleased with the results from China, OPEN dreamt of being able to produce their frames closer to home from the beginning.

"By having full control over production, we can push the envelope farther while improving reliability even more. A true win-win. For the frame production, we have partnered with AX Lightness in Germany to set up a dedicated line for frame production. We now combine our background in composite frame production and AX's incredible know-how in making parts to the most demanding customers you can imagine and their wonderfully skilled labor, plus a cluster of amazing suppliers."

The first frame to be built in Germany will be the O-1.0's crazy brother which will feature "tweaked shapes, new production techniques, updated layup and a few neat little details" with the aim of achieving higher stiffness, lower weight.

The most obvious shape change is in the dropped drive-side chainstay, which allows it to sneak past chainring and tire in an area where there is more space. This means the chainstay can be wider and stiffer. This new shape has allowed for use of a more regular BB30 bottom bracket, which means virtually all cranks on the market fit. The other end of the chainstays now uses a thru-axle design.

OPEN added "Seatstays and seattube are thinner for more vertical compliance, while the seattube has lateral ribbing to ensure the stiffness in that direction remains at a high level. Relatively few changes have been made to the shapes of the toptube, headtube and downtube, since there wasn't much to improve upon there. What has changed is the layup there, as can be clearly seen since our new finish reveals of the woven and uni-directional plies."

OPEN are still in the process of fine-tuning the layup but have confirmed that the weight will be below 850 grams.

The ONE will be available starting July 2014 and the price for the frame will be US$ 4800 or 4200 Euro.