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NeilPryde Bikes Launch 2015 Range - NAZARÉ2 - Aero Road Bike

Introducing the all-new NAZARÉ2 aero road bike. A descendant of the award winning NAZARÉ, NAZARÉ2 embraces its distinctive sense of purpose while reducing drag and improving responsiveness and agility.

The NAZARÉ2 - Elegantly engineered form meets wind-cheating aerodynamics

"For NAZARÉ2, we looked within, setting out to develop a new aero road bike that surpassed the aerodynamics, responsiveness and race-proven pedigree of the NAZARÉ. But before taking pencil to the paper, we took an eraser. A clean sheet of paper led to a very different design. It's this philosophy that has resulted in not just a model update, but an entirely new bike."

NAZARÉ2 benefits from the use of NEILPRYDE's C6.9 ultra-high modulus carbon fibre.

This allowed the guys at NeilPryde to create one of the lightest, aero road bikes, tipping the scales at 920g.

NAZARÉ2 continues to use OTP Aerodynamic tube profiles and extended Kamm-tail design. First developed for the NAZARÉ by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, they still proved to be the most efficient designs for managing airflow and reducing drag through a wide range of wind yaw angles.

Other performance improvements include the use of Shimano's aerodynamic direct mount brakes on the front fork and under the bottom bracket, internal cable routing and Di2 battery mount, an integrated seat post clamp, and the adoption of the stiffer Press Fit 86 bottom bracket standard.


NAZARÉ2 builds on the already impressive performance of the race-proven NAZARÉ, reducing aerodynamic drag by up to 20%.

Each section of the NAZARÉ2 frame has been designed to manage airflow more efficiently, through a wide range of wind angles, taking into consideration how the frame interacts with the wheels and components, and their effect on the upstream airflow. The separation of the lines in graphs below shows how the drag on the NAZARÉ2 is significantly reduced as the airflow travels along the length of the complete bikes.

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