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56 different bike brands ridden at 2014 Dragon Ride

SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. recently unveiled the results of their research at one of the most prestigious sportives on the cycling calendar; the Wiggle Dragon Ride. The exclusive study offers unique insight into the equipment preferences and trends of an important cross section of cyclists.

SMS INC.'s equipment census registered 56 different bike brands,

with 40.7% of the sample opting for a bike from the top 4 brands; a comparable dominance to that seen in 2013.

Specialized and Trek were the two leading bike brands at this year's event. Despite not having a single bike in the top 5 most popular models, four of the 16 most used models were Specialized bikes. Individual models from Trek, Giant and Scott proved to be the most common among the 2014 Wiggle Dragon Ride participants, with the Trek Madone the most prevalent bike on show.

SMS INC.'s research also highlights a significant increase in Continental's share of the tyre market, with the brand augmenting their share by 15% compared to 2013.

The report showed that whilst almost half of riders purchased their bike from an independent bike dealer, entrants know what they want from a tyre brand, and therefore source these separately, mostly via online retailers.

Participants are spending less on their equipment:

Interestingly, on average, there was a 15% decrease in the amount riders spent on their bikes this year, with 2013's £2,000 average falling to £1700 for 2014.

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"Sportive events are a fantastic opportunity to track the equipment usage, and subsequently the purchasing habits of participants, and this year's Wiggle Dragon Ride has provided intriguing results in comparison to 2013," commented Kevin Burton, Cycling Business Manager at SMS.

"The results offer invaluable insight into the behaviour of a core set of cyclists who love their sport and are key trendsetters for the cycling industry as a whole."

The Wiggle Dragon Ride weaves through South Wales and over the Brecon Beacons, attracted over 4,000 participants in its 11th year of operation, with entrants able to compete in one of four challenging distances ranging from 45km to 300km.