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Halfords Introduces New Bike Brand '13'

The new brand launched by Halfords last month claims to offer a range for savvy riders and is comprised of 15 bikes in total.

"Superstitious riders getting the 'unlucky' 13 number have always pinned it on upside down to reverse its powers and turn it into a talisman. Thinking smart, defying convention, creating the advantage, seizing the ride. That's exactly the twisted inspiration we've followed to create 13 and it's why every one of our bikes has a reversed number 13 on the seat post."

The road range, which includes five models, starts at £499 for the 7005 Triple Butted Alloy framed 13 Intrinsic Alpha road bike

and goes all the way up to £1799 for the carbon fibre 13 Intuition Gamma areo road bike.

"Every 13 road bike uses the same aerodynamically optimized principles that we've fully wind tunnel and ride developed and proved ourselves. You'll find the same attention to practical detail and real world performance throughout the 13 road range from our disc braked Innate Alpha CX bike to the sub 900g frame, carbon aero wheels and Ultegra equipment of our genuinely race ready, £1799 Intuition Gamma."

The hybrid range, which also includes five models, starts at £429 for the 7005 Triple Butted Alloy 13 Intuitive Alpha hybrid hardtail bike and goes up to £899 for the 13 Intuitive Gamma flat handlebar hybrid bike.

"We've taken a typically distinctive and dynamic approach to our hybrid range. Our two implicit bikes are the straight bar speed partners to our conventional road range. We've equipped both models with deep section aero wheels with fully hydraulic disc brakes giving confident control of their blistering pace, whatever the weather."

"The three Intuitive bikes are the tougher brothers of this versatile family. The triple butted alloy frames are light, but based on our smooth riding mountain bike frames for the strength to survive the roughest city roads."

The mountain bike range includes four models and starts at £499 for the 7005 Triple Butted Alloy 13 Incline Alpha 27.5" wheeled MTB and goes up to £1399 for the 13 Incline Delta 27.5" MTB.

"Whatever the thickness of your wallet, our four Incline mountain bikes are all built around a triple butted frame that keeps metal mass to a minimum without compromising strength. The contemporary geometry and specifications ensure they ride even better than they look."

Finally a single cyclocross model called 13 Innate Alpha priced at £499 completes the range.