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Orange RX9 Cyclocross FORK RECALL

This is important information for all Orange Bikes customer who have purchased an Orange RX9. A number of Orange RX9 bikes were made with forks, which have a potential risk of breaking. Under certain circumstances the fork steerer tube can become disconnected from the rest of the fork.

While there have been no critical failures, Orange have had two instances of the steerer becoming detached from the rest of the fork. This occured after the owners reported the forks making a creaking sound and where the forks were removed for inspection.

A number of other forks suffering from a creaking sound have been reported to us. This has led us to issue this recall.

"The safety of our customers is very important to us. Therefore if you are the owner of an Orange RX9 please do not ride your RX9 bicycle until the fork has been checked and you are certain it is safe to use."

"We understand the inconvenience this will cause to you as an RX9 owner. We apologise for this but would like to reassure our customers we are acting in the interest of your safety."

The affected forks may be fitted to any RX9 bike sold since the release of the model in April 2013.

For more information about the problem visit Orange Bikes RX9 recall page.