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Efneo Launches Super Quiet Active Hub

Efneo is not a traditional pawl and ratchet system, it's a whole new system that gives you instant engagement thanks to having less than 1 degree of dead space. You push the pedal and your bike reacts immediately.

Efneo also claim their hub produces no noise when you stop pedalling like some pawl and ratchet systems. This hub won't be for those that like the sound of their pawl and ratchet hub as they whizz along but will apeal greatly to those that appreciate silence as they coast along.

As well as being deadly silent Efneo's Active Hub doesn't brake, or slow down your wheel when you stop pedaling... so you glide faster, longer, and have more energy when you need it.

Light weight but durable.

The Active Hub will be available for all types of wheels including disc brake models, single speeds, mtb, road, trekking, BMX.

The Active Hub is designed to be durable and Efneo claim that it won't wear at the same rate as other pawl and ratchet hubs on the market.

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