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Students handmade cycle bag to go into production

A student who designed a backpack for cyclists as part of his degree at Nottingham Trent University is thrilled to learn it is set to go into production this summer.

Thomas Plummer, 21, will see his handmade bag - the Carleton Backpack - be produced from mid-June by Carradice, a Lancashire-based manufacturer which has traded for almost 100 years.

Thomas's design is in response to what he sees as an increasing trend of people commuting to work by bicycle.

The smart-looking product is designed to improve with age and is aimed at those who would like a bag for life.

Made from real leather and cotton duck, the materials become more supple and develop character the more the product is used.

"It's a real buzz to know that something I designed as part of my degree will be on the open market,"

said Thomas, originally from Harrogate in Yorkshire, who's studying BA (Hons) Product Design at the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment.

"There's a lot of work that goes into making a product commercial, rather than just an idea, so I'm really pleased that Carradice will produce it - it's a real asset to my portfolio."

"As every consumer will use the bag individually, each product will wear uniquely over time, making it personalised. In many ways, people will see it as a personal companion rather than just a functional item."

Carradice managing director David Chadwick said:

"We were really pleased to collaborate with Thomas on his design project."

"We were able to help with materials, production resource and some real world advice. Thomas worked really hard and identified the key elements of the bag design very quickly."

"The finished design is excellent and fits neatly into our existing product range. After working up some production samples in June we can't wait to show it to our various customers around the world."