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AnaNichoola Sorbet gloves £38

Tested by Julie Brown, tester for The Bike List

Riding in cold, wintery weather is not always a pleasure, no matter how us die hard cyclists try to pretend it is. For me, having the right kit to make it as easy and comfortable as possible can offer as much motivation to get me outside as promising myself a hot chocolate and a biccie when I get back. So when the opportunity to try some new swish winter gloves came my way I snapped it up.

When I took delivery of the gloves, my first thoughts were how stylish they looked. Mine are black, white and grey and have the AnaNichoola logo on the back of the middle finger - although it's very discreet. They also have three grey hoops on the back which is the Style Your Ride range signature. They are gel padded on the bottom and top of the palm which is just where you need it. The fore and middle finder also have reinforced padding on the ends to help the gloves last longer through the vigour's of braking and changing gear.

This winter had definitely given these gloves a run for their money. It's been freezing for what seems like months and the ice cold winds blowing in from Siberia really haven't helped. My first ride wearing the gloves came one very cold day in November. I had a quiet word with myself as I really didn't want to go out, donned the gloves and set off for a short ride around the flat Lincolnshire fens. Big mistake as the wind seemed to be blowing in my face whichever direction I was heading - I think this is a particular Lincolnshire phenomenon. In those conditions I'd expect my fingers to be cold pretty quickly as other gloves I've worn haven't really cut the mustard. But it wasn't to be - the Sorbet gloves performed perfectly and kept my fingers toasty for the whole half hour. Longer rides followed and from a warmth point of view I can't fault the gloves. I've been lucky enough not to be caught in any real downpours, just a few showers here and there - and so far I've had no leakage at all.

Like a lot of cyclists, on day to day training rides I don't always ride on the drop bars and find that the position I do adopt puts pressure on the bottom of my palm as this is where I bear a lot of the weight. The gel padding helped and when I did a longer ride I really felt the benefit.

The only negative I can find to highlight is the fit. They are very snug so make sure you choose your size carefully. Mine are a medium and are very tight but too long on the fingers and not really that comfortable. Because of the tightness I did feel restricted in movement and on longer rides this started to annoy me as it caused some tingling in the fingers. Also, I didn't really get the reinforced padding on the end of the fingers - seemed more of a gimmick than actually doing any real good - although the gloves are still intact so it remains to be seen. They've also washed well.

At a glance

Verdict These gloves really performed well in the keeping my hands warm and dry criteria. But the sizing could do with some work. For shorter rides they’d definitely get my vote but for longer stints I’d prefer something that fitted better and didn’t annoy me so much – especially for this price.

AnaNichoola says:

Our Sorbet gloves carry our tradition of carefully fashioned, technical hand-wear. They are designed to last through-out winter, down to -5 degrees and will withstand up to half an hour of relentless rain. The extra-long cuff allows the wearer to tuck in outer garments to keep drafts out and the generous thumb towelling is plenty enough for cold, runny noses, sweat and rain. Despite being a durable, comfortable winter glove, they are not compromised on style, offering 3 colour-ways with subtle embroidery and the Style Your Ride signature hoop

Tech Spec:

  • Wind and water resistant
  • Soft shell outer, Armara palm, lightweight, durable and soft
  • Gel padding at callous and ulnar nerve points
  • Sweat/Snot/Rain wiper
  • Reinforced trigger fingers for long wearing-life
  • Reinforced webbing for long wearing-life
  • Terry towelling sweat/snot/rain wiper
  • Extra-long, ribbed polyester cuff

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