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BBB Heavy Duty overshoes £19

Tested by Jonathan Manning, tester for The Bike List

The bike? £1,200. The lights? £180. Winter jacket? £110. Warm toes? Priceless. It only took the first frost of winter to send me in search of new overshoes to replace my old, worn out foot-protectors. With these BBB Heavy Duty overshoes I was soon cycling with warm feet again. Bliss.

The overshoes have a basic feel to them. They’re made of a thick, coarse neoprene, with a Nylon jersey liner, a chunky zip and beefy rubber fastener. Neat and elegant they aren’t. Effective they most certainly are, offering both waterproof and windproof protection and superb insulation.

I’ve used them unsparingly through the winter and early spring, and while they’re grubby from spray (you can wash them at 30 degrees), they’re still in first class condition. The elastic around the sole unit looks as though it could fray if you were to walk on it, but as I’m limited to a few steps to and from the bike shed it’s still completely intact after five months wear, as is the zip and other seams.

The sizes are generous, which means you don’t have to stretch them significantly to pull them on over shoes, and the sole gap for use with cleats is so wide that there hasn’t ever been an issue clipping in. Looking down at them as you pedal, your feet will look huge, especially if you’re accustomed to ballet-sized road shoes, but this is a case of function over fashion and for that they’re grand. Of all my cycling purchases they’re probably my finest bargain.

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BBB says:

  • Tough shoe cover designed to give the best protection against the cold.
  • 3 mm multi stretch neoprene with Nylon reinforcements on both sides.
  • Industrial-strength YKK-zipper.
  • Velcro rubber strap for a secure fit.
  • Extra 3M reflective reinforcement between the sole and zipper.
  • Sizes: 39/40, 41/42, 43/44, 45/46 and 47/48.
  • Color: black.

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Verdict Basic overshoes that won’t win any prizes for style but score very highly on their fit, waterproofness, wind-resistance, insulation and value for money.