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dhb iON Cycle Helmet £30

Tested by Matt Swaine, tester for The Bike List

I spent two years in Melbourne, Australia where the state's legistation requires you to wear a helmet whenever you're out on a bike. It's one of the most contentious areas of cycling policy (cycle participation dropped in the state of Victoria when the law was introduced) and back in the UK I was glad to finally escape the need to don a lid for the 400m roll down to the local shops.

Now living in Bristol, my commute into work and weekend riding is a different matter and, having had a few near misses, I was all too pleased to give dhb's iON a test. Available exclusively from, this is described as a 'versatile helment suitable for all types of riding'. At £30 its key selling point is that it sits at a very competitve price point, so the important question is does it perform well enough to warrant a purchase?

Out of the box it was really easy to get the close fit that you need to ensure that it will stay in place if the worst case scenario happens and you do actually make impact with something large and unpleasantly hard. A large turn-ring at the rear delivers a secure lateral fit while standard chin strap adjustments are easy to slide into place.

On your head the internal pads provide a comfortable fit and are meant to wick sweat away and at 365g you're not going to have any complaints about the weight on even fairly demanding day rides. And checking your appearance in the mirror, this is a pretty good-looking helmet. It's built with a "two-piece in-mold construction with a polycarbonate shell that offers protection and durability". With the sun visor off it looks suitably road ready and surprisingly sleek, while the silver stickers give it a tasteful hint of bling.

There are 24 vents on top for ventilation but if I had one complaint with this helmet it was that it prooved a little too stuffy on long rides on the very warmest of days that we've had over the summer. I must admit, my comparison comes from my other regular lid, the MET Sine Thesis, that I tested for The Bike List a number of years ago. The comparison is slightly unfair of course, that helmet is over 75g lighter and was designed with ventilation as a key selling point.But that particular model came with a rather stiff £180 price tag.

If I had a calendar of big rides on the horizon, I'd probably be looking for something that was a tad lighter, with a touch more ventilation. But my cycling is currently made up of city commutes, more deamanding rides at the weekend and family trips out, so if I was buying a helmet for that kind of riding, I'd happily opt for the iON. I'm a sucker for a bargain and this is definitely good value for money. It is very comfortable, looks good and with autumn on the horizon, I think I'd value a little extra insulation on cold morning rides.

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Verdict Incredibly good value for a comfortable and good-looking helmet - a great option.

dhb says:

A versatile helmet suitable for all types of riding. Fully featured with sleek and aerodynamic styling, the iON offers great value and is suited for both road riding and MTB.

In-Mold Construction

In-mold construction fuses a tough polycarbonate outer shell with the helmet's impact-absorbing foam liner. The fusion process allows us to sculpt better ventilation systems, so in-mold helmets can be lighter and cooler than traditional helmets.

Top Features of the dhb iON Cycle Helmet

  • Two piece in-mold construction with polycarbonate shell for protection and durability
  • 24 vents allow for maximum ventilation to keep you cool
  • Turn ring fit system allows easy and accurate fit adjustment
  • Easily adjustable cam-lock chin strap lever
  • Removable visor
  • Heat sealed pads add comfort and wick away sweat and can easily be removed for washing
  • Weight: Medium (54-58cm) 340g, Large (58-61cm) 365g
  • Meets CE EN1078 Certification