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dhb Women's Goldline Bib Shorts £80

Tested by Claire Maxted, tester for The Bike List

Forget your legs, or how fit you are, on a bike, your bum is king. Face it, if your padded cycling shorts can't cope with the demands of the saddle then you may as well just nail a plank to your seat post and sit on that, splinters and all. As a massive skin-flint I was making do with two pairs of £30-40 slim-cushionned cycling shorts bought so long ago that I've squashed a bum-shaped flatness into them. I envied other cyclists, comfortable on long sportives with thick spongy, protective bum-pads, until the dhb Goldline Bib Shorts came into my life.

As dhb's top of the range bib shorts, these sleek, black, breathable bum-protectors, weighing in at 172g, make my 28 mile round trip commute to work much less of a (sorry) pain in the ass. Firstly let's address the most important part - the padded bit. Here, dhb use Cytech's Elastic Interface technology which stretches every way possible to promote excellent freedom of movement, provides full saddle support and wicks sweat quickly so your behind can breathe freely. Nice. You can also machine wash them without fear on a delicate 30 deg C cycle. So how do they feel in the saddle after multiple rides? The simple answer is 'great'. The foam is wonderfully supportive of my posterior, in all riding positions, and springs back to full sponginess after each ride I've done over the last month. This Interface Comp HP chamois is designed for 6+ hours cycling, and I can confirm that they are definitely suitable for this timeframe.
The only downside is that when you get off the bike, the cheek area of the pad feels like it presses into the buttock in a mildly annoying manner. However, this is nothing to get excited about - what's more important is what happens on the bike, which is wonderful.

Now to the rest of the bib short. So, I'm 5ft 7 with a long body and the size 12 fits extremely well everywhere except the area I was expecting - the shoulder straps. As I have a long body, I always have this problem; the straps are stretchy, breathable, lightweight and super comfy with bonded side-seams, but they feel slightly constrictive due to my shape. Ladies with normal to short bodies and longer legs will not find this a problem at all. These are a ladies fit, so I was surprised that the straps don't seem to make any allowances for a lady's chest. They come straight over the boobs while I think it might be better to route them slightly round the outside of them. Nevertheless, despite these minor drawbacks; the straps are very comfy when leaning over the handlebars and the drops. Venting holes in the back do a good job of keeping you as cool as possible, but for a lightweight summer garment I do wonder why this vented back fabric even needs to be here - why not just have the straps and save weight and breathability?

The thigh area of the shorts is fantastic, with amazingly comfy stretch-mesh material for the final inch to two inches of the short. The printed silicone keep-the-short-in-place sticky bits are understated so they don't leave bite-marks on your thigh, yet truly grippy enough to keep the shorts in place revolution after revolution of the pedals. Reflective piping at the side of the thigh is a great idea, providing fast-moving (well, if your legs are moving fast!) bright lines to warn vehicles that you're merrily spinning past.

The anti-bacterial finish to the fabric definitely works too. No colleagues have noticed my sweaty bike kit draped over the hard drive of my computer under my desk, drying in time for 5:30pm. Neither have I had to wrinkle my nose putting them on again come home time.

All in all, these bib tights are an excellent warm weather choice that punch well above their weight in terms of price, weight, comfort and features. They're stretchy enough to accommodate women of all different shapes and sizes, the padding is perfect for long distance riding and they wick sweat and dry quickly on hot rides. I will be using them well into autumn.

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At a glance

Verdict A light, breathable, very comfy and good value bib short designed for women, with padding for 6+ hours of hot, summer riding.

dhb says:

From dhb's highest spec range, the Goldline Bib Short offers regular and professional cyclists an extremely lightweight and breathable technical bib short for warm summer rides. A form fitting shape enhances aerodynamics and reduces excess bulk.

Specialised Fabric Technology

The Goldline technical bib short consists of an ultra lightweight construction made from high performance Italian Miti fabrics which offers extra support and freedom of movement. This contours around the body, sitting tightly against the skin to enhance aerodynamics and reduce excess bulk. A CyTech Elastic Interface Comp HP chamois makes it suitable for 6+ hours in the saddle.

A ventilating Antigua stretch mesh panel has been strategically placed along the center back panel to increase breathability where you need it most. Closely fitting next to the skin for a more aerodynamic fit, the straps have been bonded for maximum comfort, with seamless stretch mesh used at the leg hem to eliminate friction through intense movement. Flat Lock seams have been used throughout as an anti-chaffing feature.

It has an anti-bacterial finish to prevent bacteria from building up against the skin and wicking properties to then draw the excess moisture away from the body, keeping you dryer and more comfortable whilst riding.

Essential Features

A printed silicone gripper is fitted inside the leg hem line to ensure the Goldline Bib Short stays in place for a hassle free ride. Reflective tabs feature at the leg seam to offer an element to visibility in poor lighting conditions.

Luxury Finishes

The Goldline Bib Short features subtle signature dhb styling and is finished with a matte black printed dhb motive along the leg panel.

The Goldline collection has been designed by cyclists for cyclists and is an ideal choice for those who want a stylish, performing lightweight bib short. Team this with our lightweight Goldline Jersey to create the ultimate summer training outfit.

For more information, read our featured Goldline Range blog post, with pro-rider testimonials from Joanne Tralaggan, Anna-Bianca Schnitzmeier and Jess Mundy, on the Wiggle blog.

Top Features of the dhb Women's Goldline Bib Short

  • Technical bib shorts with a lightweight construction, ideal for summer riding
  • CyTech Elastic Interface Comp HP chamois suitable for 6+ hours in the saddle
  • Constructed from Italian performance fabrics with wicking properties and anti-bacterial treatment
  • Mesh stretch back panel for ventilation and breathability
  • Cut out panel at lower back to further increase ventilation
  • Bonded bib straps for maximum comfort
  • Seamless stretch mesh at leg hem for next to skin fit and to prevent friction
  • Printed silicone grippers to prevent leg from riding up
  • Flat lock seams to prevent chaffing
  • Reflective detailing at leg seam
  • Subtle dhb styling