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Endura Deluge Zipless Overshoes £28

Tested by Oliver Laverack, tester for The Bike List

As any all-weather cyclist will know, when the heavens open and there’s a deluge of spray and puddles to contend with having dry feet is a major plus. Not only do you lose lots of heat by having wet feet but it also affects your comfort and general enjoyment of the ride.

Those who regularly ride in all conditions will have almost certainly discovered overshoes to help protect their tootsies from the elements. For anyone less versed in riding in the cold or rain, overshoes are an essential item of apparel that can make the difference between enjoying a ride and not.

A large number of overshoes fasten up with either a zip (often at the rear), Velcro straps or some combination of the two. As the name suggests, Endura’s Deluge Zipless overshoes have no zip but instead stretch over your shoes acting more like mini wetsuits for your feet. Having wrestled my way into many wetsuits I was initially a bit apprehensive about how easy it would be to get my size XL overshoes over my size 46 shoes. Putting them on for the first time I was impressed with how quickly and easily the stretchy neoprene overshoes went on.

To put them on you simply stick your feet and shoes in and pull them on like a pair of socks, taking care to make sure your cleats are pulled through the hole at the front. My Shimano road cleats needed pulling through but this shouldn’t be a problem if wearing MTB shoes with SPD’s. Then align the rear hole with your heel to prevent you walking on the overshoes themselves and you’re in and ready to ride. The speed at which you can get these overshoes on never fails to impress me and the lack of a zip means I don’t have to fumble around when I’ve inevitably managed to put my gloves on before my overshoes. One of our test team who also has a pair of these overshoes found them a real tussle to pull on at first until they’d stretched a bit so this may depend on your shoe size and what size overshoes you go for. The other benefit is that there are no moving parts to break or wear out which is great as I’ve managed to break a few zip handles by stepping on them – clumsy I know! Taking these overshoes off at the end of a ride is just as easy and is simply a case of reversing what you did to get them on.

The ankle half is made from super stretchy waterproof thermal neoprene and offers plenty of give for putting your feet and shoes in through the top. The other half which covers the upper front area is made from a tougher, less stretchy neoprene and the two are stitched together. An even tougher stretch abrasion resistant material covers the sole and completes these overshoes. Finishing touches include a snazzy looking orange thread up the middle and rear of the overshoe and three relatively small reflective details including the reflective logo on the rear.

So, how do these super stretchy, snug fitting overshoes perform out on the road? I’ve tested them over the coldest months of the year and in that time have used them in some relatively extreme conditions including in sub zero climes and through torrential downpours. In the cold the Deluge overshoes have performed very well with only one sub zero ride where my feet struggled to warm up. This is of course dependant on how good your circulation is and how much you feel the cold but I’d say the circulation in my feet isn’t great and they get cold very easily. In the rain the results were somewhat mixed. On a more recent long ride in the rain (temperature of around 6 deg) where it chucked it down from start to finish for the whole 4 and a half hours we were out my feet were completely drenched but still warm when I got back. It was a particularly hard ride and I was constantly overheating so I suspect my feet were sweating heavily but I’m pretty sure that couldn’t have been the only reason for having such wet feet when I got back. Ultimately when it’s really raining the water can drip down your legs and spray up from the road so it’s virtually impossible to keep perfectly dry feet unless you’re wearing some really good waterproof socks. On more typical rides when there was mainly spray from the road and perhaps the odd shower this complete saturation didn’t seem to be a problem and on the whole my feet remained mostly dry. The neoprene fabric used is also a brilliant barrier against dirt and grime which means you’ve always got clean shoes when you peel these overshoes off. Personally I’d like to see more than three subtle reflective details on these overshoes but some details are better than none.

On the whole these super stretchy overshoes offer a simple yet effective solution to keeping your feet warm and dry in cold and wet conditions. Overshoes I’ve tested in the past have often not stood the test of time well but I must have washed these at least 10 times so far and they’re still looking like new so I expect I’ll get a least a couple of winters or more out of them. From that perspective Endura’s Deluge overshoes are good value at £28 and comparing them to other overshoes the price is in line with what you’d pay for a similar pair.

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At a glance

Verdict Durable, simple and effective mini wetsuits for your feet that are super easy to put on and take off and compatible with both MTB and road cleats.

Endura Says:

  • High Stretch fabrics provide zipperless access
  • Superstretch waterproof thermal neoprene upper heel/cuff
  • Tough Nylon faced neoprene upper front
  • Reflective logos on heel/toe area
  • Reflective heel pull tab for easy access
  • MTB and Road Cleat compatible sole
  • Stretch abrasion resistant sole/heel
  • Available In Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

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