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Endura Luminite Overshoes £25

Tested by Matt Swaine, tester for The Bike List

Oh summer... what tricks you play. This morning I hit the road at 6am, training for the heat and severe inclines of Ventoux in the rain and flatlands of the Fens. Thank goodness then for these superbly stretchy overshoes from Endura.

I've only tended to use a pair of thick neoprene overshoes in the depths of winter to stop frost nip squeezing the life out of my wind-ravaged toes. Come summer they are simply too hot and I've always been a bit of a fair weather cyclist anyway. But with training now a priority, this pair has come into its own.

The Luminites are made from a stretchy waterproof fabric that opens fully at the sole to allow you to Endura Luminite Overshoeseasily get them on over even the bulkiest of shoe. A chunky undersole Velcro tab ensures a secure fit here and a thick strip of Velcro to the rear seals the overshoe in place.

And for late night rides and winter commutes, there is the added security of 360 degree Scotchlite relective trims all around the overshoe which really light up. I've ridden behind a friend in a pair of these and the additional visibility they provide on a pair of swiftly moving feet is nothing short of exceptional.

And while my Endura neoprene overshoes are starting to wear, these feel exceptionally robust, but they are not without their problems. With a pair of bibbed shorts on and short socks it is all too easy to set off and then realise a few miles later that the Velcro at the rear of the overshoes are starting to rub painfully against your leg, which inevitably involves stopping to readjust.

The Velcro tab at the rear can be a struggle to get on properly, although I think this is because in a pair of size 44 cycle IMG_0569shoes, I am at the top end of the size scale for a pair of large overshoes and perhaps would have been better selecting the XL instead.

And in this morning's torrential rain, while congratulating myself on braving the elements and being so well kitted out I suddenly felt a damp area at the top of my socks develop into a pool of rainwater in my shoes. With bibbed shorts on, rather than long winter tights, it is difficult to get enough of a seal to stop some water seeping down the top of the overshoe. Saying that, this is the first time in three months that I've noticed a leak of any sort... and the weather was absolutely shocking. Just in case I haven't mentioned that already!

Basically, these are an excellent pair of overshoes that represent superb value for money and are one of my most valued bits of wet weather gear.

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Endura says:

  • Stretch waterproof fabric with taped seams
  • Extensive 3M Scotchlite  360 degree reflective trims on front, sides and rear
  • Seams flatlocked for additional durability
  • Opens fully at sole and up back heel with
  • Velcro  fastenings for adjustable fit
  • Stretch Kevlar  abrasion resistant sole
  • Suitable for all kinds of footwear and cleats

Available In Sizes: S, M, L, XL

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Verdict Superb overshoe for year round conditions offering excellent additional visibility at night