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GripGrab Microfleece Cap £16

Tested by Christophe Demoulin, tester for The Bike List

Grip Grab - not such a well known name in the UK, but I can assure you that it is only a matter of time before it becomes the go-to brand for keeping your bits warm and dry. This applies not only to the majority of The Bike List readers who are cyclists, but also to runners, or as the founders of Grip Grab call us: 'people who enjoy a lifestyle of active living'.

Grip Grab was founded in 2000 by three brothers: Kristian, Martin and Bjørn Krøyer. Being Danish, I suspect they know how to keep warm in their long dark winters, and probably have some fancy Danish word for anyone residing in the British Isles that would roughly equate to 'softie'. Fortunately, these brothers have far better manners than to question our resilience to weather, and instead have developed a range of surprisingly affordable products to give us a helping hand in our endless struggle to maintain feeling in our ears, fingers and toes.

I say 'surprisingly affordable' because it is rare to find products that are this well engineered and manufactured, yet compete with the best prices on the market for similar gear. I tested the Microfleece Cap, which at £16 RRP is amongst the cheapest bits of kit out there to keep your ears toasty. This is one of three offerings from the Grip Grab cap range: Aviatorcap - warm and windproof, designed for the coldest conditions; Windster Cap - lightweight with a windproof front panel; and the Microfleece Cap - lightweight and comfortable with or without a helmet, but no wind proofing fabrics.

The cap has now been put through some serious usage in all sorts of weather, and it hasn't ceased to impress. It's proved suitably warm for rides ranging from -3C through to +8C, and in all different types of events including time trials, road races and even longer 100 plus miles of gentle cycling. I was in two minds about wearing it on a couple of freezing cold, early season time trials for fear of overheating, but the microfleece lining did wonders to keep my noggin at just the right temperature. Just a couple of weeks later and a couple of degrees above zero, a long Sunday ride with a cheeky pub lunch was another success story for this cap. While I was unzipping my jacket and pulling my buff off as the temperature climbed through the morning, the cap stayed unmoved, perfectly comfortable and I never even considered removing it.

Many cyclists complain about having limited hearing when wearing headwear that covers your ears, but this often applies to wind stopping fabrics. With no such materials in its make up, the Microfleece Cap didn't have this problem, to the extent that you'll forget you're wearing it under a helmet. Must admit though, I am curious to try out the Windster and Aviator Caps especially in colder and windier weather, as I wonder how well the Microfleece would perform in worse conditions and gentler riding.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the product, and even more so with the price. Grip Grab's Microfleece Cap is the late and early season headwear of choice on (and off) the bike. If you're riding hard and generating plenty of heat, it'll also be ideal in colder conditions, but perhaps not if you're out for a leisurely doddle in January's worst.

Look out for more reviews on GripGrab products coming up soon on TBL…

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GripGrab says:

A soft, lightweight and insulating cap in micro-fleece material. It offers protection for the ears and forehead and fits perfectly under a helmet. Ideal for cycling, running, cross-country skiing, hiking and Nordic walking.

  • Soft Microfleece
  • Skull fit
  • Flatlock seams