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GripGrab Windster Cap £18

Tested by Christophe Demoulin, tester for The Bike List

Not too long ago, I wrote a glowing review on GripGrab's Microfleece Cap. It was therefore with great excitement that I anticipated another superb product in the line of headwear from the same manufacturer.

The Windster Cap is by and large the same look, size and shape as the Microfleece Cap, except that it has a windproof panel on the front. This panel suitably covers the forehead, and ventures far back enough to have a beneficial effect on the ears too.

Sadly, the fit isn't quite the same as the Microfleece Cap which impressed me so much previously; the windproof panel has slightly less give, and therefore sizes marginally smaller. As a result, I found one ear was always favoured by the cap, and the other was left to suffer in the cold wind. The windproofing itself was very effective, and at no point did I think I needed additional protection. Quite the contrary in fact, I found myself wishing I'd worn the Microfleece Cap instead, as the Windster Cap was proving to be slightly too hot. I feel I must elaborate on this though, as I do have a tendency to be rather hot-headed on a bike, and set off like a bat out of hell. So perhaps windproofing my head is not the way to go for me, and I need to keep some breathability up top.

The fit under the helmet very good though, as long as you've chosen the right size for you. I've got a 56cm head, and found the S to be marginally too small although the range is 54-57 for this size. Naturally, with these sorts of products, it's difficult to satisfy everyone - guess I've got a funny shaped head! Or perhaps just ears that are too far down?

The Windster Cap is will suit plenty of riders in terms of its offering: keeping your head warm in cold weather and high winds. As a windproof hat, it fits very well under any helmet, and will protect your noggin from the winter. It won't crossover easily in between seasons though, especially if you've got a tendency to ride hard. As such, my preference will lie with the more versatile Microfleece Cap.

The size guide is perhaps a bit loose, but with Wiggle's excellent return policy, as Grip Grab's only UK distributor you should be fine finding the right size for you. The Windster Cap is an excellent product for those seeking extra warmth in winter, particularly if you're sensitive to cold wind trying to bite your ears off!

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Verdict Grip Grab’s Windster Cap is an excellent winter warmer option providing you’re not riding too hard as it may lead to overheating.

GripGrab says:

A soft, lightweight and insulating cap with windproof front. It offers protection for the ears and forehead and fits perfectly under a helmet. Ideal for cycling, running, cross-country skiing, hiking and Nordic walking.

  • Soft Microfleece
  • Windproof front
  • Skull fit