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Rapha Deep Winter Overshoes £70

Tested by Nik Cook, tester for The Bike List

I loved the Rapha Hardshell Jacket which I reviewed and, as winter really starts to bite, can confirm that it continues to impress in sleet, snow and sub-zero conditions. When riding in foul conditions though it's your extremities that can really let you down so, with a Rapha hat, glove and overshoes combo, am I able to keep logging pre-Christmas miles?

Like all Rapha kit, you can definitely find cheaper overshoes but, for me, if they perform and last, I'm more than happy to stump up the extra cash. I might be a complete sucker but the Stijn Devolder quote printed on the inside of them, "Love the winter. I'm happy with my winter training, what others do is their business", always makes me smile when I put them on and gives me a bit of Belgian hardman Rule no 5 motivation. The three ply-fabric consists of a woven face fabric, a waterproof breathable membrane and insulating fleece backing. I've found them to be incredibly warm and waterproof and, unlike many cheaper and bulkier overshoes, there's no crank rub from them. An AquaGuard zip and zipguard protect this potential water ingress point and a velcro closure and rubber cuff seal the top. I'm always careful to zip my tights over the top of my overshoes for added wet foot protection but with these it feels like slight belt and braces overkill. One bug-bear I often have with overshoes is the sole wearing and becoming tatty and frayed, even with minimal walking, but the Kevlar blend sole are showing no such signs. The soles are also cut to cover a large proportion of your feet, with only the necessary space cut out for cleats and heels. This further increase both waterproofing and insulation. Ice block feet are guaranteed to make a ride miserable but so far this winter it's an experience I've managed to totally avoid. 

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At a glance

Verdict High quality and effective protection for your feet from the cycling über brand.

Rapha says:

The Rapha Deep Winter Overshoes have been specially created for very cold and wet riding conditions. The shoes are made from an extremely durable, three-ply fabric comprised of a woven face fabric, a waterproof breathable membrane and a fleece backing for warmth.

Unlike most overshoes which have an approximate 'cut-out' foot shape, the Deep Winter Overshoes have been designed with a 'forward' shape, similar to a ski boot, and which allows maximum range of movement. The sole of the overshoe is made from a durable stretch, kevlar-blend and the central seam is finished with a durable tape to prevent wear.

In addition to taped seams, the overshoes feature an AquaGuard® zip, which ensures excellent water resistance. The zip has a velcro closure and zipguard liner to prevent the zipper digging into the ankle. White reflective piping and a reflective Rapha logo ensure visibility.

Key features:

  • Three-ply fabric
  • Breathable membrane
  • Kevlar-blend sole
  • AquaGuard® zip
  • Compatible with all road cleat systems
  • Please note: Rapha Overshoes have been specifically designed to be worn with road shoe cleat systems. Wearing them with MTB shoes, including the Rapha Cross Shoes, is likely to damage the Overshoes beyond repair.