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Sugoi Ladies RS Short Sleeve Jersey £58

Tested by Claire Maxted, tester for The Bike List

"But you'll see my bra through it!" was the first thing I said when I was handed this highly breathable, mesh cycling jersey. However, I was happily wrong! Sugoi had thought things through, making the Gobi and Vector Stretch mesh fabric impenetrable to everything but x-ray glasses. Phew. So I didn't have to shell out for a new skin-coloured bra. The fabric is an abrasion and snag resistant mesh that sucks up sweat from your skin, pushes it through to the outside of the fabric where capiliary action spreads it over a wide area so it can evaporate more quickly. Sugoi call this their 3D gradient technology and the idea is that the fabric itself is constructed so that it always pushes the water through, so no amount of washing machine action can destroy it. So far washing hasn't noticeably altered this top's breathablilty, but I'll update the review if anything changes.

Sugoi RS Ladies Jersey Under armI've been sweating away in this comfy, flat-seamed top on my summer rides and it is very airy and dries extremely quickly, more so the windier your route. Additional, thinner mesh under the arms, over the shoulders and down the centre of the back also helps keep you cool, the back panel coming into its own if you're riding with a backpack, as I do on my 12 mile commute to and from work. The invisible half zip also provides more ventilation, and when you do it up to the top, you can fold the drop collar either up or down for more or less of a breeze shooting down your neck.

For racier rides there are four hand-sized pockets (none closable by zip/popper/Velcro etc.) for energy bars, gels, phones, bananas, whatever, plus a strip of reflective material for extra viz from behind.

The RS Jersey is a bright, great looking top that looks good on and breathes superbly as a summer outer or winter under layer. My only gripe is that for wide-hipped women this top needs to be wider at the base, otherwise the waist gripper has a tendency to slide up, leaving a cold, bare gap above your shorts. If you can live with yanking it down every so often then there's no bother, but otherwise this great top is definitely one for slimmer-bottomed ladies.

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Sugoi says:

The RS Jersey is a must-have for cyclists who want everything in one functional shirt. Made with Gobi and Vector Stretch fabric, the jerseys feature superior moisture management along with breathability and ventilation. The RS Jersey has superior abrasion and snag resistance, with an impressive four ergo back pockets.

  • SUGOI flat seam
  • Ergo sleeve
  • 16" invisible front zip
  • 4 ergo back pockets
  • Drop collar and neck tape
  • Reflective accents for added visibility
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

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Verdict A great-looking, comfy, highly breathable, well-ventilated mesh jersey that you, surprisingly, can’t see through. Works as a summer top or winter baselayer