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Biologic iPhone 4 case £45

Tested by Jon Adams, tester for The Bike List

Apple’s iPhone has become one of the most popular smartphones on the market, and aside from the web, email and phone functions it offers, there’s also a vast number of apps you can download to enhance its usefulness. Sat navs, trip computers and GPS-enabled OS mapping are just some of the cycle-friendly software packages you can install, and there’s always the built-in iPod if you need some mid-ride entertainment. The tricky thing is not having all these fun apps, but actually using and referring to them as you ride. While it’s easy to have a phone in your jersey pocket and a headset for music and the odd wind-interrupted “I’m on the bike” phone call, it’s not straightforward to mount an iPhone safely and securely to your bike for continual reference. Adapted car-style holders aren’t secure enough for bike vibrations and leave your phone exposed to the elements, and if you use a flexible weatherproof case, you can’t use the touch-screen properly.

Well, to combat all this, Biologic have produced a bike-specific, weather-resistant iPhone case that mounts really solidly to your bars or stem and contains a shock-reducing silicone insert to cradle and cushion your beloved device. In the iPhone 4 case, inserts are supplied for the iPhone 3/G/s and iPhone 4 models, and the overall build is much improved from Biologic’s original iPhone 3 case, so that’s the one to go for, regardless of which phone you have.

Once you’ve popped in the correct insert, all you need to do is drop in your phone and close the locking clasp to seal up the case. Because the case body covers the ambient light sensor, one thing you need to do is turn the brightness setting to full – if you don’t the iPhone will assume it’s dark and will give you a very dim screen. With the screen at its brightest, your phone will eat its battery a good deal quicker – especially if it’s running a power-hungry GPS app – but iPhone users will already know about this, and a shorter battery life criticism isn’t really something that can be directed at a case. In fact, we’d have to go the other way on this, because the case has room inside for a dock connector, so that means you can enlist the support of an additional back-up battery or charger – such as Biologic’s own ReeCharge unit (£85) – if you need a ‘live’ phone display for a good period of time.

The nifty thing about the mount is you can rotate it to any angle you want, so if you need to switch from portrait to landscape format for a better view of your screen, you simply twist the case round on the click-stops fixed to the back of the case. This is really solid – it’s easy to turn yet stays securely in place at the angle you choose, and you can pick anything you like through a full 360 degrees.

The Home button and the on/off switch have silicon covers so the main functions can still be used when the phone is cased up, and there’s a grommet over the headset socket allowing you to use the headset without compromising the weatherproofing too much. As for the screen, you can still use the touch-screen controls in the normal way, but the feel is not as slick or intuitive with the protective casing’s cover on top. It’s far from disastrous though, and works adequately – provided you’re not wearing full-finger gloves. If you are, you’ll need to take them off each time you use the touch-screen.

Overall, the Biologic iPhone 4 case is a great solution for those wanting to use navigational apps while riding. It’s not designed for off-road riding, so you’d be unwise to subject it to drop-offs and big hits, but we didn’t experience any problems with the mount or the phone functionality on the road – even through pretty rough sections of tarmac. The price of £45 is good value, too. A regular case for an iPhone is £25 or thereabouts, so getting weatherproofing and a rugged bar mount included for an extra £20 is a great deal.

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At a glance

Verdict Rugged, weatherproof case with a rotating handlebar or stem mount that’s purpose-built for the Apple iPhone.

Biologic says:

• Hard engineering plastic case protects against knocks and scratches
• RidgeSeal case design protects your phone from weather, sweat, and mud
• Welded, touch-sensitive membrane gives complete access to iPhone applications
• Weather-sealed windows and ports for front and rear cameras, headphones, and charge cable
• Double-pivot lock system for secure case closure
• Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, and iPhone

The BioLogic Bike Mount for iPhone 4 lets you attach your iPhone 4 to the handlebar of your bike so you can use GPS and an appropriate app to track your position, your speed, or distance travelled, while you ride. The Bike Mount is a weatherproof case with a welded touch-sensitive membrane so your iPhone is completely protected from the weather but still fully functional. The inside of the case is lined with silicone for shock resistance.

The Bike Mount pivots so you can use your iPhone in portrait or landscape mode. Membrane protected openings for the front and rear camera lenses lets you take video or pictures while you ride. Fully compatible with the BioLogic ReeCharge. Suitable for handlebars or stems with a diameter of 38 mm (1.5”) or smaller.

Dimensions and Weight:

• Case dimensions: 14.2 × 8 × 2 cm (5.6 × 3.1 × 0.8”)
• Case weight: 92 g (3.2 oz)
• Bracket height: 1 cm (0.4”)


• Bike Mount case
• Silicone liner for iPhone 4
• Silicone liner for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, and iPhone
• Mounting bracket
• Allen key to attach bracket

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