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Electron Pico Super 2 rear light £25

Tested by Claire Maxted, tester for The Bike List

One of the most important weapons in the cyclist's ongoing battle with traffic is a super bright rear light, and the Electro Pico Super 2 is the ideal solution at a very reasonable price.

It is water-resistant and I can testify to this having used it all winter come rain or shine without any problems at all. Another plus is that the buttons are very easy to operate, so if you're like me and forget to switch it on before riding away, you can reach behind and turn it on while you're on the move. The only downside to these easy-press buttons is that sometimes I open my bag and find this light flashing away, having been knocked by something inside or just general carrying about.

It takes 2xAAA batteries and it's very easy to open the case and change them when necessary. You don't have to do this very often however as they run for up to 100hours before they need replacing. I've been using them for a good 6 months of daily commuting and they haven't needed a battery change yet.

Once parked up at work or in town, you can release the light quickly from its attachment on the seat post. And fixing the attachment on to the seat post in the first place is very easy too, but you do have to have a screw driver as there is no quick release system. This would only be a problem if you wanted to regularly change the light between bikes, and even if this was the case, it's not that hard to keep a screw driver handy. You can tighten the attachment so that the attachment is secure around the seat post and it still retains the flexibility to move the light bracket up and down to angle the light beam higher or lower as needed.

On the road the Electron Pico 2 is very bright - I do feel very safe as soon as the light is turned on, and you can change it between a single beam and two different flashing modes, one super fast with both LEDs firing, and one slightly slower with first the top then the bottom LED firing in turn. Personally I like the fact that the first time you press the 'on' button it goes straight to fast-flashing mode, as this is the one I use most.

The light is robust and has survived a couple of accidental dropping-on-the-floor episodes. For £25 you'd do well to find a better, simpler or more secure light. The only thing you might look for is a larger, brighter light with a quick-release seat post attachment, but you'd be looking at a higher price and heavier weight for these options.

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At a glance

Verdict A very reasonably priced, water resistant and very bright rear light with single beam and two different flashing modes ideal for dark commuting.

Electron says:

Electron's brightest rear light ever!

  • Two red 1/2 W LEDs, giving a huge 1 W output
  • Mounts to a quick release seatpin bracket (included)
  • Robust, water resistant design, ideal for those wet winter nights
  • Three light modes, two flashing and one constant
  • Impressive run time, up to 100 hours
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included)

Supplier: Madison, +44 (0)870 034 7226,